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Should you apply for Fort Smith disability benefits?

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The first question that most Arkansas Social Security disability claimants ask themselves is whether or not they should apply for disability benefits in the first place.

Evaluating whether you will ultimately qualify for disability benefits requires careful consideration and is complicated. However, deciding whether it is worth it to try can be simplified to these two questions:

  • First, are you impaired (either physical or mental) in such a way that you cannot work?
  • Second, have you either had this impairment for at least twelve continuous months, or is the impairment expected to last that long?

If you find that you answer "yes" to both of these questions, then it is worth starting the Social Security disability benefit application process.

You can do that in either of two ways:

For suggestions about applying, see Tips for applying.

What do you do if your disability application is denied?

The most important part about seeking Social Security disability benefits is not to give up if your application is denied. Statistics show that most disability applications are initially denied, and unfortunately some people give up at this point. However, it is important to appeal the denial because statistics also show that the percentage of success on appeal is much better than on the original application.

For information about the appeals process for Social Security disability claims, see The Appeal Process.

For a free downloadable e-booklet about appealing a denial, see Appealing a Denial of Benefits.

Advantages to hiring a Fort Smith Social Security disability lawyer

It is very easy to file the initial application for your Social Security disability benefits. You can fill out the application and file the claim by yourself, without an attorney. Furthermore, you can do it online on your computer.

However, the ease of filing the initial application is deceptive. The regulations that govern the Social Security Administration regarding disability claims are complex and confusing. Although it is easy to file the claim, from then on working with the Social Security Administration through the process of evaluating your claim can be frustrating and discouraging.

This website is full of information, and can answer some of your questions about the Arkansas Social Security disability application process, with such articles as Should I apply for disability?, How do I apply for Social Security disability or SSI benefits?, and What does a disability attorney do?

However, the statistics clearly show that people who have a lawyer helping them deal with the Social Security Administration on their disability claim obtain much better results than those who are not represented by an attorney.

Let me help with your Arkansas Social Security disability claim

Let my years of experience with Social Security disability claims in Arkansas go to work for you. Having an experienced Social Security disability attorney on your side can increase your chance of success, and provide you with a peace of mind because you know that someone is helping you.

If you live in Fort Smith or in neighboring areas in northwest Arkansas and need help with your Social Security disability claim, please contact me.

Please provide a brief description of your claim using the form at the top of this page and I will respond promptly.

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